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America’s Guy Fawkes Day

Donald Trump false flag

The events of January 6, 2021 in America bear disturbing resemblances to an event in English history that was used to disenfranchise a whole class of people and which is commemorated in Britain every November 5…

The Neocons Last Stand?

Considering the power of the Deep State, it was probably foolish to expect President Trump to hold out forever against their efforts to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Now that the damage has been done and the United States has…
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The Looming Counter-Trump Disaster

They will not accept, under the name of liberty, any model of government  but that which is conformable to their own opinions and ideas, and that  all men must learn from the mouth of their cannon the propagation  of their system. – William Pitt the Younger Over these last few months as the laughable political circus that is the Trump-Russia investigation has unfolded, a fear has been steadily growing in my mind; a fear of a possible result as this circus…
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