Trump Will Not Save America

I have been of the belief for about a year that Donald Trump will be America’s Mikhail Gorbachev. Policy-wise, he will begin to lead our country in certain directions it needs to go and he should be supported in his efforts to do so, but events will soon outpace him and leave him behind.

Contrary to the opinion of his supporters, Trump will not save America. The country is too far gone. The country will dissolve because of the economic crises which will soon devastate our country and our world. I believe the greatest decision Trump will have to make during his presidency will be whether to continue propping up the old system or to let events unfold as they may and to let the current system meet its end.

The signs are in the wind that the next economic storm is just about upon us. The first leaks in the dam were the August Stock Market Crash on Wall Street and the Chinese Massive Stock Market Crash. Now we are seeing more leaks. My area of the country is one of the most robust economically and we are seeing several stores and businesses announcing that they will be closing soon, laying off hundreds of people. Its been leaking through the news that business closings like this are happening all over the country. That is a massive indicator of the next economic crisis appearing on the horizon.

What form will this next economic crisis take and when will the major events break? I have no idea and I am through trying to predict that. All I know is, we are due for God’s judgments to be visited upon our country in a major way. Our country has turned from the worship of God to a worship of the State and, at the State’s diktat, has engaged in the great crimes of killing our unborn, persecuting peaceful, religious, law-abiding, charitable people, fermenting great suffering both at home and abroad through wars and crackdowns waged to increase the profits of well-connected politicians and crony capitalists and severely hindering the ability of the common man to do his daily duties and use his God-given talents.

Yet in spite of this, I have hope. It was promised to three shepherd children exactly a hundred years ago that God’s rule and law would triumph and Russia would be converted. I already see the opening signs that Russia is converting and the vilification of that country by those who oppose God’s Teachings only reinforces my belief that it is. I look forward with great hope to the day when we will rebuild and peace will return. I urge you all to pray that that day will arrive soon and that we will move from promoting the interests of one nation or cause against another to promoting and spreading the Kingdom of God.

God Bless America.

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