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Here at On This Terrestrial Ball we are unfortunately not equipped to provide comment forums for our articles and pages. However we do support freedom of speech and so wish to see our readers commenting on and sharing our pieces if they so desire. For this reason we recommend to our readers an alternative commenting extension which will enable you to exercise your freedom of speech.

We direct our readers to, a browser extension which enables all internet users to comment on whichever website page they wish. Dissenter supports freedom of speech and is easy to use. Comments on our website via Dissenter are welcomed and encouraged as we seek to provoke robust, respectful, and open analysis and debate of multiple issues and matters in today’s world.

On This Terrestrial Ball has no affiliation with and receives no money for recommending their service. We believe in the mission of Dissenter in providing a free speech service to internet users for them to voice their opinions. It is for this reason alone that we recommend readers who wish to comment on our website to use the services of Dissenter to do so.

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