The Neocons Last Stand?

Considering the power of the Deep State, it was probably foolish to expect President Trump to hold out forever against their efforts to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Now that the damage has been done and the United States has pulled out of the deal, what can be expected in the Middle East going forward? The picture is not a pretty one, but it holds a gleam of hope for those who have been fighting these efforts to embroil America in more overseas adventures. If the current state of the American economy and the world’s reaction to America’s withdrawal is any indication, this may indeed be the Neocons’ Last Stand.

America has, to all appearances, lost the Syrian Civil War. This failure has put the neoconservative faction in the United States government in a bad corner. With the stature of America as the “world’s policeman” at stake, they have to resort to new measures to re-assert this stature, especially as China and Russia begin to assert their diplomatic and military muscles in their respective parts of the world. Enter the major boogeyman of the last forty years in America: the Islamic Republic of Iran and its convenient selection as a victim of America’s efforts to keep themselves on the top of the world stage.

The neo-conservatives are apparently pulling out all the stops in this effort now, a clear indication of how desperate they must be becoming. The Deep State has apparently obtained the upper hand on Trump and quashed his “America First” program by holding Mueller’s collusion investigation over his head like a Sword of Damocles if he does not co-operate with their foreign policy efforts. Trump’s hiring of John Bolton to be his national security adviser and his salvage of Rudy Giuliani from obscurity to become a prominent member of his legal team makes that the most likely scenario. Bolton and Giuliani are two of the biggest voices for the neoconservative movement that there are and their inclusion in Trump’s inner circle when they are obviously opposed to his “America First” program leads to that logical conclusion.

Now that they have Trump on board their bandwagon, what happens now? Much depends on the wishes of the two puppetmasters manipulating the neoconservative effort behind the scenes: Saudi Arabia and Israel, two of Iran’s biggest enemies in the Middle East. Through their extensive lobbying efforts in D.C., Israel and Saudi Arabia have already gotten America to do much of their dirty work (meaning military work) for them in the past and it now appears they are preparing to do so again. (Indeed, with all of the talk about Russian influence in American elections, the fact that Israeli influence in American elections goes so unnoticed is probably one of the biggest scandals in American politics that the ordinary American has never heard about).

Saudi Arabia has put much effort into removing Assad from power through its support of the Syrian Free Army (and clandestine support of ISIS) in the Syrian Civil War. Israel has also recently stepped up its efforts in Syria, using Iran’s presence in that country as justification for their efforts. These efforts, plus the bombardment of Syria by the U.S., Britain and France over a chemical attack which reportedly never happened, make it clear that those seeking to ignite the war wish the flashpoint for the war with Iran to happen in Syria.

However, this will not last. The West’s economy is on the precipice of collapse. It cannot handle another war accompanied by an astronomical spike in oil prices which will inevitably result if a larger war in the Middle East should break out. Even if the neocons succeed in igniting a larger war in the Middle East, it will only mean a swifter end to America’s current economy and the neocons’ power structure. If the warmongering push is, somehow, defeated before war breaks out, it will show that they no longer have the ability to manipulate America into war as they so easily did in Iraq and Libya. This loss of face in the international as well as the domestic scene will likely spell an end to their power for that would be a devastating blow to their influence and it is doubtful they would be able to recuperate it before the inevitable economic collapse unfolds.

So will this be the Last Stand of the Neo-Conservative Warmongers? We can only hope. The circumstances surrounding this current situation point to this being their last stand, but History has yet to happen and nothing can be set in stone until it does happen. In the meantime, the American people should hunker down and prepare for the hurricane of the coming economic collapse, which will shape the world in ways which we will never imagine.

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