Rural Sense Show Ep. 8: What can tiny Liechtenstein teach the mighty USA?

The Rural Sense Show Title Card by Professor Wall

Professor Wall welcomes self-determination expert Andreas E.J. Kohl to the show for a discussion on the tiny nation of Liechtenstein and what it can teach America and the world about the pivotal issue of self-determination...

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Episode 8

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Professor Wall welcomes self-determination expert, blockchain consultant, and bitcoin businessman Andreas E.J. Kohl to the Rural Sense Show for a discussion on the tiny European principality of Liechtenstein, it’s leadership in the field of self-determination for peoples, and what the growing self-determination efforts in the rest of the world, particularly America, can learn from Liechtenstein’s example.

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Guest’s Social Media:
Parler: @AndreasKohl
Twitter: @aejkohl

Articles, Presentations, and Interviews by Guest:
Why Liechtenstein Works

The Liechtenstein Model for Market Governance and Self-Determination

Why Liechtenstein Works: Self-Determination and Market Governance

The Tom Woods Show Episode 979 – Liechtenstein: The Closest Thing to a Libertarian Country? (Interview between Tom Woods & Andreas Kohl)

Collection of Prince Hans-Adam II Quotes

Organizations Mentioned:
The European Centre for Austrian Economics Foundation
(Guest and Show Host have no affiliation with this organization)

Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty

State of Jefferson

Liberty State

New Illinois

Books Mentioned:
Prince Hans-Adam II: The State in the Third Millennium

F.H. Buckley: American Secession: The Looming Threat of a National Breakup

Patrick J. Buchanan: Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?

Other Articles Mentioned:
The Idea of Secession Isn’t Going Away

Will the Secessionist Epidemic Ever End?

Shetland Islands Council to explore ways of achieving self-determination after elected members back motion

Orkney to follow Shetland in demanding independence from Scotland

Catalonia Declares Independence

In Hong Kong, It’s US vs. China Now

China tells Taiwan that independence ‘means war’: report

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