Rural Sense Show Ep. 14: What IS Money?

The Rural Sense Show Title Card by Professor Wall

What IS Money? This is the question Professor Wall, Matthew Mazzocco, and Jason Greene discuss in this episode of the Rural Sense Show where they explore the philosophical roots of what money really is.

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Episode 14

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As inflation ravages the poor and middle classes of America (and indeed the world), the Professor welcomes Matthew Mazzocco and Jason Greene back to the show for a discussion on a very important topic: namely, What IS Money? If people are going to need to find ways to provide for their families and communities, it is imperative that they understand what money really is at its root and what can be done to adjust to the growing worthlessness of government currencies due to the continued printing by central banks leading to rising inflation. Are there other items which can serve the same purpose as money in the world? How can one hold the value of what they have earned? Is there an overall tactic which can be used to reduce our dependency on a government-made currency? All this and much more is unpacked by the Professor and his guests in this fascinating discussion on a topic which is going to become very relevant to many people in the not-too-distant future.

{NOTE: You may notice a number discrepancy in the episode lineup. Due to unforeseen circumstances, episode 13 was found to be unable to be completed and so was scrapped halfway through production. As it was too late to update the episode numbering system due to episode 14 already being well into production, it was decided to continue the episode listing with a simple explanation for why the jump in numbers occurred. Thank you.}

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“Idahoism” – By Jason Greene

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Educational Resources on items which can serve a monetary purpose

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