Rural Sense Show Ep 5: Pope Francis & the Conciliarist Heresy

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With all the doctrinal controversy surrounding Pope Francis, some very real questions are now arising for Catholics. How far can they obey the Pope? Where can they respectfully disagree with or criticize the Pope? In this episode of the Rural Sense Show, Professor Wall discusses these questions with renowned Catholic historian and theologian Steve Weidenkopf along with some historical incidents surrounding the Papacy which bear similarities to today's controversies...

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Episode 5

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Pope Francis is easily one of the more controversial popes in the past century. This has led to many disputes among Catholics as to how far they should obey the Pope and where they can respectfully disagree with and/or criticize the Pope. In this episode of the “Rural Sense Show”, Professor Wall talks with renowned Catholic Historian and Theologian Professor Steve Weidenkopf about this question. As they discuss this question, they also dive into some of the History of the Catholic Church regarding ecumenical church councils, early doctrinal disputes of the Church, bad popes, anti-popes, the Avignon Papacy, the Great Western Schism, the Council of Constance, the miraculous 6th Century saving of the Church from the Monophysite Heresy and, most importantly, the Heresy of Conciliarism and the teachings of Saint Robert Bellarmine on the Pope and Heresy, all of which tie in to many of the questions surrounding Pope Francis and the Catholic Church today.

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Guest’s Faculty and Social Media Links:

Faculty Bio: Steve Weidenkopf

Amazon: Steve Weidenkopf

Twitter: @SWeidenkopf

Facebook: Steve Weidenkopf

Articles & Church Documents Cited:

Can a Pope Be a Heretic?

Pastor Aeternus

Lumen Gentium

Amoris Laetitia

Text of the Dubia regarding Amoris Laetitia by Cardinals Raymond Burke, Carlo Caffarra, Walter Brandmuller, & Joachim Meisner

Books/Courses Recommended:

Steve Weidenkopf: Epic – A Journey Through Church History

Warren H. Carroll: The Glory of Christendom

Norman Housley: Conciliarism and the 15th Century

Steve Weidenkopf: The Real Story of Catholic History

Steve Weidenkopf: Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church

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