Rural Sense Show Ep. 10: Civil Disobedience and Coronavirus

The Rural Sense Show Title Card by Professor Wall

Professor Wall welcomes Paul Wilson and Matthew Mazzocco back to the Rural Sense Show to discuss civil disobedience, the tightening coronavirus restrictions, and the use of civil disobedience as a tool to fight growing tyranny both historically and going forward.

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Episode 10

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In this era where the coronavirus and now civil disobedience have arisen as matters of serious discussion, the Professor welcomes back Paul Wilson and Matthew Mazzocco for a conversation on these very topics. What is civil disobedience exactly and what is it expected to achieve? What are historical examples of civil disobedience and what did they accomplish? How can civil disobedience be done in a way which is responsible and effectively checks tyranny without causing other harms? How does what we now know about the coronavirus factor into this situation going forward? All these questions and more are unpacked in depth in this episode as the Professor and his guests seek to filter through a very complex matter to find a responsible, effective, and principled path to recommend for others going forward in this uniquely challenging time.

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Jason Greene

Writings/Opinions Mentioned or Referenced
Henry David Thoreau: Civil Disobedience (Historical Pamphlet)

Senator Rand Paul: Mask mandates and lockdowns from petty tyrants? No, not again. Choose freedom (Article)

Pat Buchanan: Is Mass Civil Disobedience Our Future? (Article)

Gary D. Barnett: Petitioning Government or Courts Will Never Result in Gaining Freedom: Only Mass Disobedience Can Prevail (Article)

Dr. Tom Woods: The World Is Closing to the Unvaccinated; Can We Reverse It? (Podcast)

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Jason Brennan: When All Else Fails: The Ethics of Resistance to State Injustice (Book)

Michael Huemer: The Problem of Political Authority: An Examination of the Right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey (Book)

Educational Resources on COVID
Dr. Thomas E. Woods’ Collection of Resources on COVID

Rational Ground

COVID Charts Quiz (Fun Educational Resource)

Viva and Barnes Law (Lawyers giving legal resources to fight COVID Restrictions)

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